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We are in 1821; now 250 years the Philippines was under Spanish rule. But times are tough; because of the war of independence in New Spain, six years ago that the great trade route between Manila and Acapulco, the famous "Manila galleon", has been interrupted.

Meanwhile, the local merchants, circumventing the colonial authorities, strive to establish precarious routes through the sea with the archipelagos neighbours and the continent. Fragile chalanas of bamboo, filled with nutmeg, silk, jade, and ginseng scurry towards Manila. But the success
you are not insured: roads, water, captains, inept, and even pirates can derail the best plans. It is for this reason that, in the black market, the prices will soar, which makes it even more appealing to this risky venture, and obliges the merchants to use the buddy system to ensure
their goods, bribing the practical to the port and hire dubious insurance; the less scrupulous even dare to recruit pirates!

Players3 to 5 players
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