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It is a structured material created by William Hull to the mid-TWENTIETH century, however, was Zoltan Dienes (who takes his name), who used them in Canada and Australia to work logical processes in the learning of Mathematics.

Its use is recommended for the first few years of infant Education (3-6) because they help children to reason, passing gradually from the concrete to the abstract, assimilating the basic concepts of shape, color, size and thickness in addition to exercise thinking skills such as observe, select, compare, classify and sort.

However, they are applicable at all levels of education to work on different concepts, logical mathematical.

From of activities the kids get to:
• Name and recognize each block.
• Recognize the attributes and values of these.
• Comparing the blocks establishing similarities and differences.
• Classify them according to a single criterion.
• Perform succession following a few rules.
• To establish the relationship of set membership.
• Using the logical connectives (conjunction, negation, disjunction, implication).
• Define the elements for the denial.
• To introduce the basic concept of number.

In some games, and in the case of use with very small children you can reduce the universe of blocks by removing for example an attribute (such as thickness) or a value ( rectangle).

Recommended age10 years from now
Recommended age8 years and older
Recommended age9 years and older
Recommended age7 years and up
Recommended age6 years and older
Recommended age12 years and up
Recommended age5 years onwards
Time of departureMedium
SkillsVisual Perception


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Logical Blocks

Logical Blocks

Game to establish logical relationships, visual perception. Fun and learning in these 48 pieces with 4 attributes, color, shape, thickness and size.

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