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The Tweegles are monsters from another galaxy, come to invade our planet. Unfortunately for them, stepping on firm ground, they discover that nothing is to scale. On his home planet are frightening and enormous monsters, but in the Land are as big as a mouse... in Addition, have landed in a normal house, and the current, which for them is a place full of traps: sockets, children with scissors and stamps, insects and cleaning products...

Mechanics of the game


Each letter "Tweegle" has a monster and a small symbol on it. The symbol shows what happens to this monster, and therefore, what "Action" there, take as quickly as possible to the center of the table. The first player to touch the letter, "Action" correct with the correct movement, it will capture the Tweegle, and will place the letter of the monster hunted, face up, to the side of his deck. When all the "Tweegles" have been caught, the player with more cards "Tweegle" you have, it will be the winner!

Although the format of the box has changed, the content of the game remains the same. This type of games have changed type of metal box.

Recommended age10 years from now
Recommended age8 years and older
Recommended age9 years and older
Recommended age7 years and up
Recommended age6 years and older
Recommended age12 years and up
Time of departureRapid
Players2 to 10 Players
SkillsEye-hand coordination
Type of GameLetters


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Tweegles is a card game simple, which you can travel and where the monsters are sliced, electrocuted, among many other actions. It is a fun game of gestures and reflexes.


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