The Staircase Haunted

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The staircase haunted is along with The magic maze, one of the great successes of the prestigious publisher Drei Magier. This title also won the Spiel of the Jahres best children's game, which is a guarantee of quality.

In the game, the players compete to be the first to reach the top of the stairs and scare the ghost that lives there, but the ghost wants to play with them and they will be turning into ghosts as they climb the stairs. players must remember who is who, to be able to win the game. But the dice can make you lose sight of your tab. Madness, laughter and memory in this great game of table

Recommended age10 years from now
Recommended age8 years and older
Recommended age9 years and older
Recommended age7 years and up
Recommended age6 years and older
Recommended age12 years and up
Recommended age5 years onwards
Recommended age4 years and older
Time of departureRapid
Players2 to 4 Players
SkillsVisual Perception
Type of GameBoard


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The Staircase Haunted

The Staircase Haunted

Game where the dice can create a lot of confusion, and believe that you win when you're losing.

Devir Transfer publishing is a manufacturer giant, where you'll find many fun games for all ages, from games for children 4 years of age that they begin their early beginnings; to educational games or recreational games for children from 12 to 99 years of age. Transfer publishing is one of our manufacturers favorite with games such as Ghost Blitz with all the versions that this has generated, or games like Stone Age, magic Maze, are games filled with fun and educational to all of our children and adults.

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