Ghost Blitz 2.0

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Ghost Blitz was one of the pleasant surprises of last year. On this occasion we find ourselves in another of the rooms of the castle of the lords ghost. If mr. ghost was in the room, willing to read a book sitting in your favorite chair and drinking some wine, the lady ghost is about to take a bath. For this reason you have with it, his bath, his toothbrush, his towel and his rubber frog.

The mechanism of the game is the same as in the original game. The players should be the first to grab the object that matched in shape and color with the letter. And if there are none that meet those requirements, you must take the that is not represented in the letter nor in the form nor in color.

Ghost Blitz 2.0 is perfectly playable by itself, it is not necessary to have the original game, however to play the two together increases the excitement since the rules are complicated!

Recommended age8 years and older
Time of departure20-30 min aprox
PlayersHasta 8 jugadores
SkillsEye-hand coordination
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  • Devir Transfer publishing is a manufacturer giant, where you'll find many fun games for all ages, from games for children 4 years of age that they begin their early beginnings; to educational games or recreational games for children from 12 to 99 years of age. Transfer publishing is one of our manufacturers favorite with games such as Ghost Blitz with all the versions that this has generated, or games like Stone Age, magic Maze, are games filled with fun and educational to all of our children and adults.