Cocorico Cocoroco

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Follows the route of the cards arranged on the board and do not dawdle. Each time you jump ahead of a rival, róbale their feathers and become the cock that dominates this chicken coop.Original product and of excellent quality transfer publishing. Buy Cocorico Cocorico, perfect product for gift.

Recommended age10 years from now
Recommended age8 years and older
Recommended age9 years and older
Recommended age7 years and up
Recommended age6 years and older
Recommended age12 years and up
Recommended age5 years onwards
Recommended age4 years and older
Time of departureRapid
Players2 to 4 Players
SkillsVisual Perception
Type of GameBoard


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Cocorico Cocoroco

Cocorico Cocoroco

Cocorico Cocoroco is a board game for children that connects the memory to the motion of a funny and sympathetic hens. The first player to memorize successfully the images will be able to move their chicken around the yard non-stop and win the game.

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