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Void of pictorial art, denied to the pencil, and enormous hands several, the victory will be yours!


Re-Identik, under a new format: Duplik, the drawing game for people who don't know how to draw.


One of the participants plays the role of the director. Their objective: to describe an illustration and offering it to the other players as many details as possible. During this time, your classmates will draw the scene described. As soon as the time runs out in the hourglass, players must exchange their “works”. The more criteria listed on the card you have in your drawing, the more points you will get.


Don't miss this game, even your baby sister can take you down!

Recommended age10 years from now
Recommended age8 years and older
Recommended age9 years and older
Recommended age12 years and up
Time of departureRapid
Time of departureMedium
Players2 to 4 Players
SkillsVisual Perception
Type of GameCrafts


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· 60 cards with illustrations on both sides
· A booklet of score
· A red filter
· A dice of 10 faces
· An hourglass
· A transport bag
· Instructions

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