Geometric Figures, Transparent

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Geometric shapes with different colors and shapes.

This game consists of many figures, with several children can play.

The pack contains:

  • Geometric shapes: squares, rectangles, diamonds, triangles.
  • Different sizes
  • Different colors.

The games we make with this great product, is that children can make copies, visual memory and sequencing, discrimination, visual perception...

Game compatible and perfect for the light table!!!!!

The imagination of what you can work only puts the therapist, the parent or teacher of the school.

To bring you this opportunity of this resource super teaching we are encouraging arts or skills that we need in school, work or our day-to-day.

Recommended age8 years and older
Recommended age7 years and up
Recommended age6 years and older
Recommended age5 years onwards
Recommended age4 years and older
Recommended age3 years onwards
Time of departureRapid
Players2 to 10 Players
LanguageDoes not require
SkillsVisual Perception
SkillsEye-hand coordination
Type of GameSensory stimulation


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Geometric Figures, Transparent

Geometric Figures, Transparent

Geometric shapes with different colors and shapes, make this game a must have (need) both in clinical visual therapy as well as in colleges for performing work of identification, discrimination, or construction.

This game has, like the games of construction that we have in educajugando.com and thanks to our fellow educandotumirada.it is bring.

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