Lord of The P. I. G. S

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“The Lord of The P. I. G. S. – " Pata Negra” is a card game about economy, politics and society in a republic dummy of the south of Europe in the midst of crisis, in which the players take the roles of the bigwigs of the country and will fight for economic supremacy both in proposing actions and seeking partnerships, such as betraying their adversaries and boycotting their plans.

Do you get revive the country's economy and improve the quality of life of the population? Or do you use your privileged position to grow your wealth and influence, even at the risk of a social explosion?

Recommended age12 years and up
Time of departureLong
Players2 to 4 Players
Type of GameLetters
Type of GameStrategy


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Lord of The P. I. G. S

Lord of The P. I. G. S

Fast-paced card game, become a big fish and struggle for the economic supremacy of the country.

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